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I moved to Southern California in 2014 after 25+ years in the Midwest to work as a Scientist. My second day in California I took my first yoga class ever and so began the greatest practice of my life.

While my work still persists in the sciences, my passion for social connection along with a healthy community have grown. I am an official IRONMAN Tri-Athlete having raced with TeamChallenge on behalf of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation (CCF). I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (200-E-RYT) versed in Power Yoga, a great practice for those pursuing active lifestyles. I am a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) with a cardiorespiratory focus, and I am also host to annual hiking/yoga retreats based in Palm Desert exploring some of SoCals most unique enviroments. 

As a lover of fitness, the outdoors, and community involvement, my practice is designed to get people outside, active, and involved in making this world a better place.

I am working on a few new projects, along with other community leaders, that will be launching early this year in 2018. So stay tuned, and for more up-to-date information follow me on Facebook at YogaByChu and Instagram at @yogabychu or @alldaychu. 

I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line.

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16305  Pacific Coast Highway

Small Group Workouts, Yoga, and Bootcamp, and More!

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Tools To Success

Food is Medicine

Keep it simple. Fuel your body with the right food. As the sang goes, “With the wrong food, medicine is of no use. With the right food, medicine is of no need.“ The human body has the ability to self heal. Let’s enhance that skillset, hop in the kitchen, and aquire assistance from the right things. #breakfastbychu #dinnerbychu  

Variation Is Key

While Isolation with progression remains the standard regiment for strength and size. Power through fitness relies on added variation through a multitude of activities. Cardio is a top priority for improving quality of life. Enhanced cardio-respiratory function sets the tone for efficiency. Healthy heart leads to a healthy life.  #fitnessbychu #cardiobychu 

Balance Is Necessary

As an IRONMAN Athlete, I've learned nothing compares to being able to self balance at any given moment. Through the greatest struggles in life, when all seems lost, mind and body must collaborate to succeed and push you through. To push you beyond that point of fear and onto bliss. Breathe, realign, and get back to work. #yogabychu #hikingbychu To network is not only to meet as many people as you can, but to actually engage, authentically, with each and every one of them. 

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