The Peruvian Palate

El Ají Peruano - The Pepper For The World

Peruvians have a long and uninterrupted love affair with the aji pepper. The indiginous hold it to high regard and would say to never doubt the uchu, or pepper. They say in Peru that the food is supposed to accompany the aji, and not the aji to the food. 

Below is a short video highlighting a few of the most commonly used peppers. See what takes our cuisine to the highest levels of competition and international recognition. 

Welcome, the aji pepper, Lord of Peruvian cuisine! 

Dinner By Chu: Wild Salmon with Aji Panca

* Salmon Fillets 

* Shiitake Mushrooms

* Broccoli 

* Garlic, Salt, Pepper

* Spanish Paprika 

* Aji Panca

* Soy Sauce

* Lemon, Rosemary, Ginger

* Greens

* Avocado 

Dinner By Chu: Street Tacos with Aji Amarillo

* Skirt Steak (Can sub Flap/Flank Steak)

* Corn Tortillas (Street Size)

* Aji Amarillo Paste

* Salt and Pepper

* White Onion

* Soy Sauce

* Cilantro

* Cumin, Thyme, Garlic

* Spanish Paprika