Fitness By Chu

Targeted Fitness


Cardio Fitness

Don't forget, our heart is our most important muscle. A conidtioned heart not only leads to a longer and healthier lifestyle, but it also provides the essential base necessary to tackle any activity in front of you. With efficient breath and function comes stamina.  


Strength Fitness

While stamina and endurance will get you through most situations. Incorporating strength work will allow you to create the proper barrier neccesary to leave yourself less prone to injury and to reinforce your structure. Remember our body is our fortress and we must protect the flame inside, which is our heart. 


Power Fitness

Once in-tune with your breath and structure are you then ready for Power. Reach new levels with your speed and agility. Feel the force, that explosive power, and create a natural shortcut to achieve greatness.

Weekly Workout 5/13-5/20

- 15 Minute Full Body Workout

- 1 Minute Work, 15 Second Rest

- 10 Exercises

- Weights Optional